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January 01, 2001

Long Weekend Update, Part Two

Monday was a day off. So I took the opportunity to break down boxes from Christmas for recycling, then went upstairs and cleaned up (trim hair, shower, that sort of stuff). I'm covered in hair, grime and sweat, when Jean walks into the bathroom and says \"Kelly wants to go to the 12:20 showing of 102 Dalmatians\". I look at the clock and it is 12:05. "Good luck!" I say. But Kelly is willing to try, so I hop into the shower and race through cleaning up.

Jean tells me while I shower that they are going downstairs to wait in the car. Sound hectic yet? I race through the drying and dressing, and have an inspiration. I grab my shoes and socks and coat and run downstairs barefoot, jumping into the car with Jean and Kelly. Kelly thinks it's funny that I'm putting on my socks and shoes in the car.

Anyway, to cut the story short, we made it, and saw the movie. Not too inspiring after having seen The Emperor's New Groove, which I highly recommend for children and adults.

After that we had lunch then went down to Mentor to go for a walk. Kelly logged twenty minutes before she voted to get in the stroller. We fed the ducks again, just in case the miracle didn't take hold on Christmas day "qbullet.smiley". We came home, I did the check balancing, and now I'm posting about our day. Next I think I'll have dinner.

Happy New Year, all of you!

Posted by dpwakefield at January 1, 2001 06:02 PM