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January 11, 2001

Music 'Til Midnight

I've been a bad boy. Instead of getting a good night's sleep on a work night, I stayed up until midnight sampling songs off of Napster. What triggered this is that Jason Kottke, a guy who has previously steered me right (via his weblog), mentioned a song by the group Barcelona. It's called I've Got the Password to Your Shell Account, pointed to in MP3 format from, as it turns out, their record label. Last night I didn't know that, and went through the agony of downloading it via Napster.

This song was featured on a compilation album of various artists from around the globe, titled Moshi Moshi. I listened to another artist featured on that CD, Girlfrendo, from Sweden. The song was "Cat Heaven". I think I like it, though as I was searching for information about it I stumbled across a review of the band on Amazon which captures it's peculiar saccharine qualities:

...Girlfrendo could be classified as "balloon-shop music" -- it's colorful, light as helium, and effortlessly nostalgia-inducing, especially if you went to elementary school during the 80's.

In any case, I've added Moshi Moshi to my list of CDs to purchase in the near future. http://www.bigorangecrayon.com/music/various-moshimoshi.html

Posted by dpwakefield at January 11, 2001 02:11 PM