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January 08, 2001

New Car News

We got the new car, a Honda Civic EX Sedan. We paid about $17K for it, and Jean seems to love it. It's a manual, which we both prefer, has cruise control, which we may use if we drive to the coast, otherwise probably not. Jean is just tickled to have a CD player in her car. She's been playing Kelly's Anne Murray CD, and has her Dean Martin CD waiting in the wings. Unfortunately she has already exercised one of the security features of the new car...

In addition to having an alarm system on this car (with keyless entry, OOooh!), the radio/cd player will refuse to work if it has had an interruption of power, say if somebody steals it. To return it to functionality, you must enter a special security code. If you fail to enter it correctly in ten tries, you must take it to the dealership to have it reset.

So apparently Jean left the dome light on overnight, and even though the car started without a problem, the radio refused to work. She's got the manual with her now and intends to try to reset the radio on getting home from work. She's not sure if she likes this new feature!

Posted by dpwakefield at January 8, 2001 09:48 AM