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January 04, 2001

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'!

Yow! Things move either extraordinarily slow or too damn fast to see around here. For several months Jean and I have been looking into getting a car to replace my aging Ford Escort. Actually, I'll inherit Jean's relatively new Honda Civic DX hatchback, and she'll get the brand new car.

We got the hatchback several months ago to replace Jean's Mazda, and we paid cash for it. This is our policy with cars, only buy what you can afford if you have to pay for it all in one lump sum. It simplifies negotiations a lot, and tends to cut the price. I didn't think we'd be buying another new car any time soon. I expected that I'd buy another used car to replace the Ford, and Jean would retain the hatchback.

But some surprise money came our way, and Jean expressed the desire for a slightly nicer car. So we began the hunt. We settled initially on a Subaru Impreza DL wagon. We chose a dealer, got a good quote, but wanted a particular color, so we had to wait. The wait dragged on, and eventually, we found out that the salesman that we had dealt with had left the dealership.

So we reset the clock, expecting to take another couple of months. Jean decided on an entirely different car, a 2001 Honda Civic EX sedan. I called Frey International, a car broker we had used to get the hatchback, and to cut the story short, we are picking up the car on Saturday. Bam!

So I'm adjusting my lifestyle, since the hatchback has a smaller trunk than the Ford. Mainly this means that I've had to scramble to find a volunteer to take over hauling duties for the "NOVA" Archive material I transport in the back of the Ford twice a month. No pain, really, it looks like I've already found a volunteer.

My next lifestyle change may be to buy a television with a VCR built in, since then I'd only have to haul one heavy object. So I guess overall this is an improvement. But damn it happened quick!

Posted by dpwakefield at January 4, 2001 05:38 PM