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January 09, 2001

School Breakfasts

The experiment continues. Kelly told Jean yesterday that she enjoyed her breakfast, even though she told me that she didn't want to eat it, and that she was interested in going back to breakfast at home. At this point I don't know what to think, but I'm going with the flow...

As I dropped Kelly off this morning, an as yet unidentified girl ran up behind Kelly and shouted her name. Kelly didn't introduce me. When they both sat down, girl X (as I'll call her) told me that "Kelly and Brianna aren't allowed to sit together, 'cause Kelly doesn't eat!" Useful information, that. Brianna showed up and started to sit near Kelly, and girl X reminded her that she'd "get in trouble."

I took my leave then, congratulating girl X on being such a good policeman (snarky, I know, but she didn't seem to notice the sarcasm). I was halfway to the door when Kelly shouted to me, "she's not a policeman, Dad!" These kids are just full of useful info "qbullet.smiley".

Posted by dpwakefield at January 9, 2001 09:18 AM