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January 27, 2001

They Call Me Trinity

Kelly's friend Trinity came to visit today. I missed the first few minutes 'cause I did the grocering, but Jean tells me that Kelly was so excited to have Trinity over that she couldn't bring herself to eat a breakfast. This showed, because Kelly was very possessive of her toys the whole morning. I tried to intervene a few times, but this only made things worse.

Trinity is from Kelly's daycare, The Kid Connection. Jean says that the teachers there have told her that Kelly and Trinity are cut from the same cloth, both possessive, both gregarious. So when I came down on Kelly to behave and share her toys, Trinity twigged to it immediately, and began complaining that Kelly wasn't sharing, over every little thing.

We broke for lunch, and fed the kids PB&J sandwiches, chocolate milk, Cheetos, and for dessert, mint chocolate cookies and orange sherbet. That seemed to help, as Kelly became a little easier to live with after lunch. I wised up and took myself out of the mediation game. Shortly after, sitting in the den playing with my Pilot PDA, while Jean wrote on the computer, we heard Kelly and Trinity playing nice as you could wish.

Trinity's dad had never met us before, but he must be a trusting individual. He dropped Trinity off at 10:15am, and picked her up at about 2:45pm. I'd be a little nervous dropping Kelly off at someone else's house and leaving her there for four and a half hours. Even when I've known the parents, the first visit to their house was limited to about two hours. Guess I'm a conservative at heart "qbullet.smiley".

Posted by dpwakefield at January 27, 2001 10:22 PM