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March 21, 2001

Gambling Trip

In short succession I've had the stomach flu, a cold, and periodontal
surgery, the healing of which has taken about twice as long as last
time, so on the eve of our flight to Las Vegas, for what Jean terms our
first real vacation since
Kelly was born (no, Moyer Family Reunions don't count), it is only fitting that I should be receiving warnings
from my back of a potential spasm. I was getting water at the coffee
station this morning when I felt the first twinges, and since then I've
had that 'sensitive' feeling in a band about the lower third of my
ribcage which often warns of worse to come.

So even though we intend to do no gambling on our trip to Las Vegas, we will in fact be doing just that. Most of our heavier luggage now comes on wheels with a long handle, so Jean can take charge of that, and I won't have to heroically horse unwieldy bags around the airport. But the exigencies of travel often stress the body, and I think sitting in the airplane seat alone could trigger an onset if the flight to Las Vegas wasn't so short. In any case, I'll be taking a very hot bath tonight and every night on the trip, which often helps the muscles, and I'll be packing Alleve in the suitcase.

Posted by dpwakefield at March 21, 2001 03:57 PM