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March 07, 2001

Kelly the Rebel

Kelly's pushed the envelope on rebellion a little too far this
time. We've tried to work with her on getting enough sleep, and on
eating enough in the morning to have fuel for the day. But today, she
chose not to yell or throw a tantrum when disagreeing with a

Today, she chose to quietly peel a patch of wallpaper off the wall in
her classroom. The teacher told Jean, and Jean asked her why. Kelly said
that she was mad the Mrs. Wentzell insisted that she do her work like
all the other children, and she pulled the wallpaper off to get even
with her!

Jean and I had a conference in the woods, and the concensus is as

On top of all this, I'll be letting her know how disappointed I am in
all this, and letting her know how lucky she is that I am not my
dad. Otherwise, it would be 'the belt'. Ugh.

Posted by dpwakefield at March 7, 2001 04:45 PM