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March 29, 2001

Sharp Lifestyle

This is my day to catch up on posts, it seems. Jean and I went out on
Tuesday afternoon, before picking up Kelly from daycare, and
visited Sears, with an eye to replacing our ailing microwave. Before we
left for Vegas, Jean detected a funny plasticky smell, and assumed it
was the microwave. So we got an older back-up model out of the closet
and began using it, with the intention of shopping for a new one when we
got back from our trip.

After we got back, Kelly and Jean went to bed early, and I was futzing around in the kitchen in the dark. I looked for the light switch over the stove, and hit the fan switch by accident instead. I immediately heard a strained humming, but no air movement. I got the light on, and popped the filter off the hood over the stove. Out of the hood fell a strip of wood, looking somewhat beat up. The fan started to creak around. Turns out that the dang thing was jammed by the strip of wood stuck between the blades!

So my new operating hypothesis is that the smell that Jean detected was coming from the fan. Coincidentally, our back-up microwave decided to stop working just then, so I plugged in our main, supposedly broken microwave and tried it out. No funny smell. Jean agrees that it might be okay, but with no back-up microwave, and the fact that we hardly ever use the stove, we agreed to make this microwave the backup, and buy a new one.

So we made it to Sears, and found the microwaves just fine. We looked them over and narrowed it down to a couple of models. One of them, a Sharp (our current one is also a Sharp), had a metallic finish (burnished aluminum such as you see in professional kitchens) and it really appealed to me. By this time there was a sales lady hovering around asking if she could help us. Jean asked if there was any unit I liked, and I said "that one. I want that one. Let's get it now." "qbullet.smiley"

Jean was dumbfounded. She said later that she'd never seen me react to an appliance that way before. But I was adamant. I wanted that microwave, and said so in no uncertain terms. So what did the sales lady do? She started giving us a sales pitch! "This feature is fun. Just enter a number and punch this button..." "Uh huh," I said. "We'll take it."

"I think you'll really like it. Look at what else it can do..." This went on through three or four exchanges, with me always saying the equivalent of "can I buy the damn thing already?" But she was a sales bot, determined to walk nonchalantly through her sales brochure, pertaining to the sales of microwaves, Sharp brand.

Finally she agreed to actually find the model for us in the warehouse, and it turned out that they'd have to order one, not available until mid-April. At this point I was unwilling to negotiate the sales bot routine on yet another model, so I just said "please order it for us, then." I believe that the microwave we have will last at least that long, so cross your fingers. Oh, by the way, did you know you can now scramble eggs in a microwave?!! "qbullet.smiley"

Posted by dpwakefield at March 29, 2001 05:14 PM