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March 29, 2001

The Agony and the Ecstasy

The other evening I was having dinner, and Kelly had not yet eaten. For
the record, I had (among other stuff) some 'baked beans' which were
homemade, from Great Northern beans, by Jean. I also had some homemade
whole wheat bread sticks.

As I ate, I asked Kelly if she was hungry yet. She said no, and I told her to bear in mind that 'the kitchen closes at 7:30 pm.' This is a rule in our house to curtail foot-dragging come bedtime. So Kelly wandered over to see what I was eating. I offered her a fork-full of beans, and she wrinkled her nose.

If that was all she'd done, that would be the end of this note. But she cranked herself up and began a rant, purely for dramatic effect:

Eww! That's disgusting! I can't believe you're eating that! I think I'm gonna be sick, yuck!

This rant is notable because it is the same one I give her, whenever catch her putting paper into her mouth, especially tissue. It really does gross me out, but I add a lot of drama because it seems to give her pleasure. So here she is doing the same thing to me, over beans.

After a short while, I finished a mouthful of beans and reached for the bread stick. I took a bite, and offered the end to her. Kelly walked up, looked at it for a moment, and then said "that looks appetizing." My five-year old daughter just flashes on the most adult phrasing sometimes. So Kelly had mostly bread sticks for dinner. "qbullet.smiley"

Posted by dpwakefield at March 29, 2001 04:00 PM