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April 15, 2001

Easter Egg Hunt!

EasterBanner (11k image)This morning was Easter morning, and Kelly treats it just like Christmas. She was up early this morning, dragging us out of bed, so that we could begin conducting the Easter egg hunt. I'll probably post one picture of her looking like a little savage hovering over an egg with her basket to my Photopoint account later this week. It is too large and too ephemeral to post here.

After the egg hunt, was the 'puzzle hunt'. Jean creates these map/riddle sheets which she puts in plastic eggs, each of which leads Kelly to the next one. When Kelly has followed the path, she ends up with some candy and a couple of toys. Much cheaper than Christmas, but very interactive, so Kelly enjoys it a lot. This year she got a Power Puff Girls puzzle, a couple of stuffed bunnies, and a game called Guess Who?. It's actually kind of fun.

After that I spent the better part of the day doing household chores and entertaining Kelly while Jean studied. We went down to Mentor to do a walk after lunch. On New Year's Day we toss bread to the ducks, so today we pegged hard-boiled eggs at them .

Posted by dpwakefield at April 15, 2001 04:25 PM