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April 11, 2001

Overhead For Article Posting

On Terebi II I noted that the speed with which I could post an article seemed to influence how long my articles were. I.e., since this weblog experiences a lot of latencies due to server overload and whatnot, it is more trouble than it is worth to post a short article.

So I tried timing posting this article. The first two times, the browser timed out after 2:32 and 2:07 respectively. I'm timing this post, and will post an addendum with that time after completing the initial posting. To be fair, I'm not including the time taken to enter the article.

Okay, the timings are over. To post this article to the site, not counting in time to enter the article, cost me a total of 5:45! Crikey! On the other hand, posting to Terebi II using the same rules, cost all of 50 seconds. So guess where I'll be posting most of my shorter articles now?

Posted by dpwakefield at April 11, 2001 11:29 AM