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April 05, 2001

Timesink Ahoy!

When I left this morning on my errand to fetch a microscope, I knew that
I'd be passing Toys'r'Us on my return
trip, and that they'd be open by the time I got into their
neighborhood. So I jotted down their number and took my cellphone

Why? Because Amazon and Toys'r'Us have been in a partnership offering Playstation 2 bundles (overpriced packages with three games I didn't want) for sale online for months now. But they've mostly been 'out of stock', and when they do get them in stock, they sell out in seconds to minutes. The last few days, however, they have had them in stock and not run out.

So I decided that the PS2 pipeline must finally be filled. On the way back from getting the microscope, I called Toys'r'Us and asked if they had them, and the saleswoman answered in a very matter-of-fact voice, "sure do." Yowza! So I swung by and bought one. As I was dropping the microscope off at home anyway, I just stopped in and set up the PS2 too. Then on the way to work, I stopped at Fry's and picked up:

I took a pass on Oni, since I'd played the demo on my iBook, and found it less interesting than I'd thought, and at $50 bucks, I wasn't sure I wanted to dig deeper to see if it was better than the demo. What I'm really waiting for is Black and White. According to this article, the graphics look great on a souped-up PC, and lame on a Playstation, but the gameplay is the same on both, and that's what I'm waiting for!

Posted by dpwakefield at April 5, 2001 02:04 PM