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May 15, 2001

Don't Walk Like a German

Today I towed Kelly from Bridgeport to Kid Connection, then swung by Fred Meyer on the way back to work. My mission: talk to the cobbler about shoe sizes. I needed to find out because I'm trying to buy shoes off the Internet, and don't want to guess at the size. I am buying shoes off the Internet because there is this one company which has a rep as a great company for orthotically sound shoes. They claim to have the widest range of shoe sizes and shapes of any shoe company.

So why bother? I've been buying running shoes for my everyday walking shoes for several years now, ever since my chiropractor pointed out that I pronate like crazy and need very stable shoes. So why stop now? Because Jean wants to go to Italy. Jean's sister, who has lived in Italy twice, says that Italians hate Germans. Germans, she says, wear running shoes. Ipso facto, you want good service as a tourist, don't walk like a German.

So I'm looking for some nice Italian-looking shoes which nevertheless provide great stability. Mr. Cobbler tells me I'm a 12 1/2 C. I go to Wissota Trader and look up this size, and find that their sizes run 10 1/2, 11, 11 1/2, 12, 13, 14! So I'm gonna order a pair of 12 C Walkabouts. Whattaya think? The 'Quick Grip' feature too geeky?

Posted by dpwakefield at May 15, 2001 10:22 PM