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May 19, 2001

Draught Horse Exhibition

We spent a few hours at the Washington County Draught Horse Exhibition today. It was located at the Rock Creek campus of Portland Community College. In addition to teams of huge horses, the likes of Percherons, there were also historical displays, craftspeople and food stalls.

My favorites were the blacksmiths, the antique two and four-stroke (and steam) workhorse engines (hauled around the farm to supply horsepower for tasks as diverse as grinding grain and sawing lumber), and the spinning wheel and loom. Each of the latter two were modern lightweight wooden renditions of their colonial counterparts. The friction clutch on the spinning wheel was ingenious.

Kelly helped pick out a pattern for a charity quilt, made a card using tatted flowers and ate snowcones and cotton candy. Jean said her favorites were the period clothing on display in the museum. There was also a bit of bluegrass music, and we rode in a wagon pulled by two Percherons. Lots of fun.

I just finished eating lunch, made with Sauce Mayonnaise, which I made successfully in our new blender. The first time I tried to make it in a blender it was more sauce than mayonnaise. Of course, I was recreating the recipe from memory, and my memory was very bad. Following the written one worked like a charm.

Once I finish this entry, I'll get cleaned up and ready for NOVA. I'm pretty sure that we'll be seeing Shrek afterwards, so it'll be a late night.

Posted by dpwakefield at May 19, 2001 03:26 PM