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May 13, 2001

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was just another Sunday at the Wakefield abode. I've turned the second Sunday of the month into the 'clean the tar out of the bathrooms' day, and generally do the kitchen the same way. This time I did the basement bathroom too, since Monday both of the main floor bathrooms will probably be out of commission, due to Greg Larson and crew installing new linoleum over the next couple of days. Then comes the repairs to the wooden fence...

Anyway, I'm trying to do extra housework to assist Jean as she takes more classes. Kelly broke out her Mom's day gifts, which were a homemade card and 'sponge stamp', and two pairs of earrings she bought last week with me. I managed to steer her away from the fist-sized pewter peacock earrings and toward a more petite pearl cluster, so that turned out okay.

We went down to Mentor after that to exercise, and I took my bike! Mein Gott! That was fine. I tooled all around the industrial park, around Mentor's and Xerox's campuses, across dirt trails, for about 45 minutes. I turned off Parkway onto the Xerox campus and nearly ran into a Guinea Hen, who was fluffing up, spreading her wings and making a general fuss. Stopped just in time and cut across the lawn to give her her space.

Reeling back a bit, Saturday was a play date between Kelly and her friend Ashley, at Bullwinkle's, a sorta Chucky Cheese kid's entertainment arcade and restaurant. They've got a dedicated play area kind of like McDonald's Playland where they hung out a lot. Me, I gotta go ride that roller-coaster simulator sometime.

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