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May 24, 2001

We're Professionals, Ma'am

Yesterday Jean was trying to study for her midterm. Trying, because she was getting interrupted every thirty seconds. One of Kelly's friends is Ashley, and her aunt was trying to set up a play date at the park. Outside, the sidewalk was getting torn up by contractors laying new phone lines (all utilities are buried in our neighborhood).

So she came home from running errands to find several trucks parked haphazardly around our street, workmen standing around, and a guy reading them the riot act. It seems this gentleman was named Mike Darby, an engineer for the City of Tualatin. People all up and down our street have apparently been calling the city to complain about these workers.

I forget the name of the outfit these yoyos work for. They are contractors, not directly employed by Verizon (the phone company). So far they've torn up sidewalk without giving any indication when (or if) they'll be replacing it, chipped property retainer walls with their tractors (ours included), flooded the basement of a house on the corner with sewage by rupturning their pipes, the list goes on.

They apparently nicked our sewage line as well, but claimed that they didn't actually break it. Mr. Darby forced them to call in a professional plumber to fix it (they had tried to fix it themselves using caulk). He's going to inspect it and make them pay for it. Same for the damaged stones on our front property wall. I'm guessing these contractors are going to be out of jobs after Verizon gets through covering all the damage they've done.

Posted by dpwakefield at May 24, 2001 09:12 AM