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May 25, 2001

What Goes Around

A while ago, one of our neighbors were visited by a friend of theirs who drove a huge mobile home. In parking, he knocked over the tree in front of our property. Our neighbors were very apologetic and offered to help cut it up, and help us buy and plant a new one.

We got some estimates on adult trees, and the neighbors began hemming and hawing. They suggested that our tree should not have been extending over the street, even though it was well over ten feet above the ground. We gave a disgusted sigh and bought a sapling instead. When I called the neighbor, he told me it was between me and his friend. I called his friend and he said he was thinking of suing for damages to his vehicle. According to the city official we talked to (and the police officer who took the original damage report), we were in the right, but it would be a huge hassle to take these guys to court over damages.

At this point I decided that my karma didn't need the hassle, so we paid for the tree, planted it, and never spoke to these losers again. So our tree is growing slowly, and so far survives the onslaught of the incompetent contractors passing through our neighborhood burying phone lines.

But here's where the karma really kicks in. Our neighbors' tree was knocked down by the contractor bozos! Sometimes life is good .

Posted by dpwakefield at May 25, 2001 09:27 AM