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July 22, 2001

Parenting With Love and Conditioner

Kelly's bath tonight didn't go smoothly. She's in the testing zone again, and decided she couldn't hear me when I told her it was time to sit up and get her hair washed. I told her that she'd have to wash her hair and body without help, then walked out. In addition, the lights in the bathroom were going out at 8pm.

As in the book Parenting With Love and Logic, I gave her a choice, and let her 'own the consequences' of her action. The side-effect of this is that you as a parent have to be willing to live with the consequences of your actions. At about 8:08, I walked in to check on Kelly, fully expecting to find her playing with toys, since she wasn't crying for help.

But no, not at all. She'd stepped up to the challenge of cleaning herself, by using most of a bottle of conditioner in her hair. I told her I was proud of her for taking responsibility for cleaning herself since she hadn't listened to me, but it still took five minutes to rinse the conditioner out of her hair.

Gotta remember to add conditioner to the shopping list.

Posted by dpwakefield at July 22, 2001 08:30 PM