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July 16, 2001

Shopping When Hungry

Budget gurus say you shouldn't do your grocery shopping when you are hungry. I've discovered another axiom: Don't take your six-year old with you to Costco. I went to buy some protein bars, and that's it. I took Kelly with me to give Jean a chance to study for her microbiology exam.

In short order, we bought fresh apple cider (free samples aren't always free), multigrain bread (my choice, to balance the apple cider), Freddi Fish and the Case of the Creature of Coral Cove, which Kelly practically begged for, and Castlevania, which I bought for parity .

Kelly played all the way through Freddi Fish in one afternoon, so I suppose it wasn't wasted money. I on the other hand, have another game with which to humble myself. I haven't even managed to get to the first save point yet. Humiliation builds character...

Posted by dpwakefield at July 16, 2001 11:56 AM