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January 21, 2002


One last item. I'll keep it short since the story is still evolving. Jean's dad had a heart attack (they think) this weekend, and after a catheterization exam, they determined that two of his arteries were 90% blocked. The options were double-bypass surgery or angioplasty. In cases of such advanced blockage, bypasses are the norm, but Jean's dad is diabetic, so losing veins for an operation is an unattractive proposition at best.

Anyway, the decision was made to perform angioplasties, and the procedure was performed this morning. Jean's dad is apparently doing fine, and will be allowed to go home after a brief observation period (24 hours?). They installed stents, one of which was 'coated'. They couldn't use two coated stents as that's not approved in America as yet (it is in some countries). Apparently, the coating is some form of immune system suppressant, to prevent additional plaque buildup.

Apparently Mr. Moyer observed that he knows other people who have lived profligate lives and have no apparent health problems at all, whereas he has always taken care of himself (his doctors agree) and yet he has to deal with this sort of problem. Well, I wish him luck, anyway.

Posted by dpwakefield at January 21, 2002 09:38 PM