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January 06, 2002

Gas, Gas, Gas

Late this week sees the installation of a gas insert for our basement fireplace. I'm looking forward to it. The basement gets cold when winter kicks in. The heat vent in the ceiling just doesn't work so well when confronted with Jack Frost.

This model is a closed system, drawing air for the flames from down the flue, and exhausting waste gases up the flue by a separate pipe. It has a blower, for when the electricity is working (!) and a wireless remote thermostat that runs on batteries, for when the electricity isn't working. According the the guy at the shop, the fireplace works with a thermocouple, so even in the absence of electricity, it can adjust the flames with the battery powered remote thermostat. Cool!

So next time the power goes out for more than an hour--and judging from the history at this house in Tualatin, that will be very infrequent--we'll be able to move our activities downstairs and remain toasty for the entire outage.

Now to investigate that gas-powered refrigerator .

Posted by dpwakefield at January 6, 2002 09:35 PM