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January 11, 2002

Live 'Tick' Series Cancelled

Here's the article. I'm not surprised. It isn't, as some claim, because the show was placed in a competitive timeslot, or that it was an intelligent show on Fox (stupid viewers). In fact, it was just deadly dull. Best QOTD: It's probably because PBS put Frontline on in the same timeslot.

I read the comic, and it was great. Ben Edlund's humor worked so well in the graphic print medium. The cartoon show was different, but translated very well. The television show, well ... aside from changing characters, paring the cast down to sitcom size and otherwise keeping a featherweight budget, somehow failed to capture that off-kilter banter which Edlund generated so successfully in the original.

Patrick Warburton is a fun character actor, and may have been the best choice for a live-action Tick, but his dialog just didn't have any syncopation. It felt like he was calling in the part.

I watched three episodes of this show. The second one, because I forgot about it's premiere, and two over the Christmas holidays, when everything else was in reruns. I'm not planning on making an effort to see the other five. Sorry, the show just sucked.

Posted by dpwakefield at January 11, 2002 09:15 AM


i think the tick was a great show and if you want to sign a petition to bring it back go to www.evilsponge.com and look up the tick. there is a petetion of over 4000 signatures who want the tick back!!!! i hate the WB ....

Posted by: frank at December 25, 2003 04:42 PM