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January 22, 2002

Photo Finish

About a week ago I engaged in an experiment. It was precipitated by Apple's new iPhoto software, though I didn't use it. iPhoto allows the user to upload their digital photos to Kodak/Ophoto to have physical glossy prints made. I read on one of the Mac newsgroups that in fact the prices were lower, and the picture quality higher, through Walmart.com.

So I selected five random digital photographs from our trip to the coast and uploaded them to Walmart (the storage for these online photos will go away in a year, so ... linkrot!!!). I selected 4"X6" glossies, which were 26 cents apiece. Since there is no Walmart convenient to my home, I had them mailed for an additional $1.25. So for less than two dollars I got my five sample photos.

And they were great! They were, to me and to Jean and to the friends I showed them, indistinguishable from point-and-shoot photos. Now if I were to try to compare them to SLR photos, they'd probably fall short, but since I'm only competing with Jean's point-and-shoot on our little road trips, I can now get 'archival' photos of any special shots I like.

P.S.: I no longer have the link to the article which started this all, but Yann Ricard's post to Macintouch covers the same ground even better.

Posted by dpwakefield at January 22, 2002 09:50 AM