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January 21, 2002

Sunday Outing

Kelly and I tried to go see Snow Dogs on Sunday. We got there, Kelly all excited, and found out that the 2:35 showing was sold out. Man is Kelly's face expressive. The ticket agent said there were still tickets for the 5pm show, but I nixed it (5:15 after the trailers, the movie runs 1:37, time to drive home ten to fifteen minutes, we would have been home after 7pm). That had her even more disappointed.

So instead, we went to McDonald's Playland, where she had the Happy Meal and played with other kids for the longest time. I hadn't been planning on being there, so I hadn't brought any books to read. Stare into space, answer a million calls of "Daddy, look at me!" Snore.

About the only amusing thing about it was that while I was sitting there and Kelly was climbing in the play structure, a little kid kept coming up and trying to grab Kelly's Happy Meal toy (a 'dancing' flower pot). His mom would keep running over and taking it away from him, putting it back and flashing me an embarrassed smile. The final time, he grabbed the toy, she took it from him, he turned to Kelly's chair and knocked her coat off the back, then when mom was picking that up, he grabbed the toy again. This from a kid who was obviously no more than three years old. I was cracking up.

Posted by dpwakefield at January 21, 2002 09:31 PM