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January 02, 2002

Vacation From Vacation

I'm back at work! Yipee!

I played FFX yesterday without Kelly and managed to get past the point where we got killed on New Year's Eve. Then she insisted on coming down to play for a half hour before her bedtime. That left me in the middle of play between save points, so after I put her to bed, I played long enough to reach one. It took me until 10:15pm! I forced myself to quit at that point. And good thing too. When I slept last night, I was doing turn-based dreaming, complete with menus and save points.

Amusingly, my last save point was at what looked like a major story point. The Al Bhaed are preparing for a battle with the Uber Boss Monster at the edge of the sea using 'machina', in this case cannons. Machina are forbidden by the major religion, and all my characters are standing by bemoaning this fact. And my save time: 13:13 hours on the game clock. Scary, kids! OOOOooooohhh!!!

I think I'll take tonight off, since it's a self-study night and I'll be getting home in the evening as it is. Maybe a couple of days away from FFX would be a good idea. As the title says, I need a vacation from my vacation...

Posted by dpwakefield at January 2, 2002 08:17 AM