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August 05, 2002


At Saturday's NOVA meeting we got to talking about members we haven't seen in awhile, including Jeff Milburn, the founder of the club. Whatever happened to him? I know I ran into him in the airport for about five seconds a couple of years ago, and I know an email address he used to use is still 'attached' to the NOVA mailing list, but that's about it.

Seque to work, in what at first seems a non sequitur. I keep running into a guy in the elevators who thinks he knows me from somewhere. Every time I see him he asks, "did you used to work at Tektronix?", or some such question. I always answer no. And if he was ever familiar to me in any other context, these repeated elevator meetings have overwhelmed that. So this evening I run into him, and he appears about to speak. I get ready to say "no", when he says, "did you ever go to an anime club around here?"

I said, "yeah, a club called NOVA."

He said, "I knew I'd seen you somewhere before. I'm Jeff Milburn's brother!"

Well, we didn't talk a lot, as we were both heading to our cars, but Jeff is now a product manager at Intel, and has a house in Hillsboro with his wife and two sons. I'm sure I will get more info on the next elevator collision...

Posted by dpwakefield at August 5, 2002 06:26 PM


Yeah, I am around and still kicking. I moved from a house in Hillsboro to an even bigger house in Portland. I could probably host a NOVA meeting alot easier these days then back in the days when we would crowd everyone into my appartment in Beaverton.

My two sons are now 16 (Kevin) and 12 (Eric) years old and both into Anime. Kevin loves Ranma 1/2, Ina-Yasha and the like, while Eric has followed more in my anime footsteps with a love of robots (Gundam, more Gundam, Battlebots, Robot Arena, One Must Fall: Battlegrounds, etc)

Email me if you would like to chat...

Posted by: Jeff Milburn at January 10, 2004 01:51 AM