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September 03, 2002

Well Blow Me Down

I found this on Photo.net, where the photo of the week led me to follow the author's link to his website on Kite Aerial Photography. It is totally cool!

This photograph and most of the others I have posted on Photo.net are taken from kite-lofted cameras. A kite, unseen in the image, supports a small, radio-controlled cradle that holds a Canon Digital Elph. I can position the camera by walking around and/or letting out or retrieving kiteline. I aim the camera and fire its shuttler using the radio while I stay at the ground end of the kiteline. The camera can rotate through the compass, tilt from horizon to nadir, and change from portrait to landscape format.

I compose my images by watching the camera and imagining what it would see. The whole process entertains me to no end.

Posted by dpwakefield at September 3, 2002 08:48 AM