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January 26, 2003

Busy Weekend

Saturday was more packed than today, but all told, it was pretty busy. Nothing exciting, per se, just the usual chores. I got some breaks yesterday, but after taking Kelly swimming, I came home, did a few quick chores, then settled in to help Jean with her math. By the time we finished, it was approaching six o'clock. Kelly had been patiently waiting (playing her Gameboy, watching television, reading her books, etc.), so I offered to take her for a walk.

Judging by the way she jumped on the offer, she'd been dying for attention, and the walk simply confirmed it. We went around the block, but played 'store' at every street grate, fire hydrant and telephone conduit box we encountered. It took us forty minutes to loop back home. After getting her fed and having a snack on my own, it was time for Kelly's bath, and shepherding her around the house to pick things up that she'd scattered about during the day. She actually had a few tearful moments because 'Dad gave me too much to do.' We reminded her that she'd had pretty much all day to take care of this stuff, but you know kids.

I finished her up with a chapter from The Witches by Roald Dahl, and finally got her to bed. When I went downstairs to relax before bed I noticed it was 9pm. This was the first block of time on Saturday that I'd felt I had truly to myself. Oh well, it's all for a good cause.

Today was more straightforward, with my usual chores, a quick trip down to work to drop off the week's food, and then some exercise on the 'bikler'. Once I'd had my shower, I dived into helping Jean with chemistry, which I'm not quite as adroit at as math. We ended up having a 'study group' where we taught each other. I guess I'll find out if we got it right over the coming week.

After a quick lunch snack, we went to the store so Jean could pick up some things she needed, and I bought myself a treat (two actually). I got Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, 'cause I wanted Kelly to hear the original "It Ain't Me Babe", since she didn't like my version. And since it was on sale, I also bought a copy of Onimusha - Warlords, which I have only just begun playing, following my usual technique of playing without reading the directions for the first few hours.

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