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January 23, 2003

Dance Dance Revolution - In Action

While I have historically been a couch potato where video games are concerned, some of my friends are fans of a much more physical game called Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR, as it is affectionately abbreviated. Originally an arcade game, as pictured in the link, it was later reproduced with a portable floor pad for the Playstation game console.

I actually debated getting a floor pad and one of the first game discs (each disc comes with new songs and dance moves), thinking that Kelly would enjoy it. But I ended up not doing it for the simple reason that Kelly's legs are still too short to reach all the squares on the pad comfortably. So I remain a couch potato gamer.

Browsing weblogs last night I came across a link to this site. What is it? A guy visiting Japan took his video camera with him and shot a bunch of videos of Japanese teenagers playing the original arcade game. It turns out some of them are freakishly good at the game. I downloaded two videos, and the quality is about what you'd expect. The video is low-resolution, and the sound is abominable, you can just barely make out the music over the noise.

The guy has a dozen different videos, but I'd only bother trying one or two, as you get the idea pretty rapidly. The phrase 'crazy-legs' comes to mind.

Posted by dpwakefield at January 23, 2003 07:52 AM