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January 17, 2003

Film Adventures

Well, after having had fun with Fuji Velvia at Disneyland (even using an Oly Epic P&S), I just gotta try out the new Agfa Ultra Color 100 print film. Maybe it'll scan better than Velvia on my 'cheap' Canoscan FS2710U?

Speaking of film experiments, I bought some Fuji color portrait film (Fuji NPH 400; It was the fave of the guy at Oregon Photo I talked to), and some Kodak TMAX 400CN B&W film. Jean insisted on at least a few black and white portraits of Kelly, so I cheated, and got the Kodak, which is a C-41 process film (meaning it can be developed at any regular color photo lab) without the color dyes.

This is all an extremely amateur operation. I intend to use the Sigma zoom set at around 100mm for the portrait lens, and photograph by natural light, with maybe a supplemental house lamp or two. The guy at Oregon Photo warned me to use a correction filter, 80A or even 80C, if there's any tungsten lighting in the frame, so I gotta make the trip for that. Maybe I'll finally buy a cable release at the same time. Already got the cheap tripod I bought off of Ebay...

Posted by dpwakefield at January 17, 2003 07:02 PM