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April 25, 2003

Asian Action Movie

I've mentioned before watching the Hong Kong Movie Express on the International Channel. It was pretty hit and miss, and even the better movies were pretty low quality. Apparently I wasn't the only one who felt that way, because Hong Kong Movie Express isn't being shown anymore.

But now they are showing the Asian Action Movie. This show is hitting 50%, which is waaaay better than before. Red River Valley was somewhat boring, but the next two movies I captured on my ReplayTV were pretty good. Both were by the director Johhnie To, who was pretty hot a few years ago.

Running Out of Time 2 was a tale of a clever criminal (Ekin Cheng) who plays a game of cat and mouse with a smart, serious policeman (Lau Ching-Wan). The movie is seriously flawed, with such wooden concepts as a CGI Bald Eagle, which is the criminal's 'mascot'. However, I was totally amused by the interplay of personalities, and the chase across nighttime Hong Kong was hilarious.

It's a good thing I didn't read the reviews until I'd watched most of the movie. It seems most of the folks submitting reviews could only see the negative aspects. Apparently, Running Out of Time is much the superior movie to this sequel. In that movie, Andy Lau plays the criminal, in this case dying of an incurable disease. So the first movie really was about running out of time. Lau Ching-Wan was the cop in this original movie as well. Anyway, I gotta see it now...

Where a Good Man Goes is about a former Triad boss who returns to the world after spending several years in prison. The role was again played by Lau Ching-Wan. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite Asian actors. Here he manages to show how a former Triad member moves from his habits of brutal and relentless obsession with money to a caring man who can actually feel for a family.

The latest movie was the live-action Dragonball! I watched about ten minutes of it, then deleted it, it was that painful. I felt like I was watching a Power Rangers feature-length movie. Man, it was bad!

So as I said, batting around 50%.

Posted by dpwakefield at April 25, 2003 08:57 PM