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July 06, 2003


Well, the Masquerade is over. I can't even begin to list the acts, who won, or why. It's too late, I wasn't taking notes, and I'm not that dedicated to cosplay. See Tom's weblog if you care.

Did I have fun? Sure, though I'd prefer that they do a better job of crowd control. It's ironic, considering that they're across the street from Disneyland, home of the experts of crowd control. What they could use is a consultant to spend one convention walking around taking notes, watching how they handle events. As an impartial observer I saw at least three things they could do to improve crowd control and communication. Of course, it's easy to say, when you're not in the hotseat...

So tomorrow's the auction, which I like a lot more. Now to bed, so we can make it to breakfast somewhere nice. Bye!

Posted by dpwakefield at July 6, 2003 01:16 AM