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July 03, 2003

Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony was par for the course. It was improved by the introduction of two 'special' mini-events. One guest (Akira Kamiya) brought an anime his students at Nipon Engineering College produced. It was a cute little short about a boy who wakes up and has turned into a dinosaur, from the waist up. Pretty funny.

The second special was a song performed by pianist/composer Yuki Kajiura and a vocalist whose name I didn't catch. These two events are atypical in my experience.

After the open we milled about while Alan took a bunch of digipics with his digital SLR (Nikon D100) and then we met with Chris and Valeska. She wanted breakfast, even though it was 11:30am by then, so we went to Coco's. I had a turkey and brocolli quiche, and lots of orange juice and copious caffeinated bevies. Now we are resting before hitting the dealer's room.

Tonight we'll probably go to the Idol contest (Idol's are the Japanese equivalent of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera -- manufactured pop stars), then hit the road in search of a late night snack. I found out that taking the right route we could easily walk to Downtown Disney, not even needing a shuttle. So maybe Sunday for the next try...

Posted by dpwakefield at July 3, 2003 03:17 PM