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August 10, 2003

The Coast

I almost forgot to mention this, but Jean, Kelly and I are going to the coast . We're staying in Florence, Oregon, and it is such a relief to be able to drive to a vacation spot for a change. No eight hour ride in the bus that has no rest stops (i.e. airliner), no sharp sinus pains on descent to the airport, no checking and unchecking bags. Can you tell I hate travel?

So we're driving out and taking things at our own pace. I'm packing books and my laptop, and probably video games, for those quiet evenings. The room has a kitchen, so we'll be preparing most of our own food (another problem with most travel, restaurant food tends to make me feel pretty crappy after a couple of days).

Posted by dpwakefield at August 10, 2003 10:06 PM