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February 21, 2004


Yesterday evening was Family Fun Night at Bridgeport School, and Kelly wanted me to take her. We played checkers, and I beat her, so we decided to go play Bingo. I played along gamely, but couldn't help but comment on the blatant innumeracy displayed.

Several times they called numbers which could not exist, such as N-57, or B-32. Really. Later, they had a game of Four Corners, where you only need to fill the four squares in the corners to win. They doggedly announced every number, including those in the I, N and G columns.

They also had a Capital H game, where the cross bar ran across the middle of the Bingo sheet. They announced all the N numbers. Kinda strange, as the middle square is the only N square you need, and it's the 'free' square, with no number.

Okay, they were kids, but older than Kelly. When Kelly gets to that age, if she makes those kind of mistakes, I'm sending her to cram school!

Yeah, since you ask, we had fun!

Posted by dpwakefield at February 21, 2004 08:34 PM