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April 18, 2004

Riding Crop

Kelly used to take riding lessons at a Wilsonville riding school. Jean and I were both a bit peeved with them. They were very disorganized, messing up their schedules too often. Kelly would have a class, but they'd have no record of it. We would show up for a class only to find out it had been cancelled, without notifying us. The pain level hadn't quite escalated to the point of cancellation until they recently informed us that we owed them for classes we'd paid for.

I looked online and found that they hadn't posted the check we gave to the riding school. Given their record, we felt certain that these yarboes had lost the check themselves, so we informed them that we'd write a new check, but deduct the $20 stop-payment fee for the original check from the amount. They waffled, suggested that we should just 'not stop payment', ask at our local post office for the missing check, anything but deduct that $20. So we pulled Kelly out of the class. Now they have their $20, but have lost a steady revenue stream from us. What pathetic putzes.

Sunday Jean loaded us into the car to check out a new riding school. It's smaller, located somewhere North of Beaverton. The teacher seemed no-nonsense, and a parent I spoke with said she'd never experienced the level of incompetence we'd seen at the earlier place. Kelly has an evaluation this Thursday. We'll see what turns up. I hope it turns out okay for Kelly, as she says she enjoyed riding, and this school does Western-style lessons, which fit's Kelly's interests better anyway.

Posted by dpwakefield at April 18, 2004 09:06 PM