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June 22, 2004

Back From Disneyland

Well, we arrived home early yesterday evening, after travelling most of the day, mostly waiting in airports, caught in traffic, and the like. First thing I did after putting stuff away was to eat a bunch of vegetables. I succeeded in getting a lot of vegetation at Disneyland this year, due to my increased familiarity with Downtown Disney and the immediate environs of Anaheim, but the rest of the food was so rich, I just want to return to my bland diet.

I dragged Jean and Kelly to Coco's for breakfast one day, since I really enjoyed going there with my friends during Anime Expo last year. The following day we tried to go to Tiffy's Restaurant, which is just across the street from Coco's. I still managed to get lost on the way there, as I'm not as familiar with the route there from the Disneyland Hotel. I can do it blindfolded from the Convention Center, though! Eventually, after Kelly had a meltdown and I lost my temper, we regrouped and found our way, and had a great lunch at Tiffy's.

Above we have an image from California Screamin', a sizable roller coaster located in Disney's California Adventure. The photo is a 'little' posed, if there can be such a thing. They take a flash shot near the end of the ride, and Kelly and I rode that thing nearly a dozen times while we were down there. So by that shot, I knew about where the picture would be taken, and I gave a thumbs up. The facial expression is pretty authentic though.

Two years ago, Kelly's favorite rides were the Teacup, King Triton's Carousel, and the Dumbo ride. This year it was California Screamin', Orange Stinger, and the MaliBoomer (which Mark, at work, cleverly had me thinking was called the MailBomber). About the only things she still considers too scary to ride are the Haunted Mansion, which I rode this year, and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, a new ride which I rode once, and which is sort of like the MaliBoomer, with more of an emphasis on the dropping part.

This year we had a pair of FRS radios which my friend Burr lent to me, and it made a lot of difference. We were able to keep in touch from most locations in the park, so there was no anxiety as to where Kelly was like last time. I really took for granted the ability to contact Jean almost any time when we were apart. It was great.

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