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June 25, 2004

Comprehensive Obsolescence

Yeah, all the console manufacturers are starting their buzz machines for the next gen boxes, but I never buy the new box as soon as it comes out, so figger a year at least. I have my PS2, plenty of gameplay on that one. I have my Xbox, not so much play, but already amortised in my books. Now, now, I've got a Gamecube.

Actually, I'm 50% owner of a Gamecube. Kelly bought Pokemon Channel a couple months ago, after saving quite assiduously -- I'm really quite impressed. Then I took a boatload of old games to Gamespot and sold 'em for credit. I made a deal with Kelly that if she could save around half the price of a used console, I'd kick in my credits. So her birthday rolled around, and she got the b'day checks from the grands, and oh, boy, oh boy!

After factoring in the memory card, she's paid exactly half on this rig. I'm a little late posting about this, as she's had it since before we left for Disneyland, and I'm getting really tired of the Pokemon Channel 'busy mode' music. Not to mention Pokemon News Channel (gibberish in a high pitched raspy voice).

I have yet to buy a game that I want to play. But Sudeki and Fable are both looming in the near future, and I think I'd be willing to pay full price for either of those. Then we will judge just how 50% my share really is...

Posted by dpwakefield at June 25, 2004 10:05 PM