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June 25, 2004

P2P Helps the RIAA in Spite of Themselves

I grabbed a tune off the Internet someplace, because the reviewer wrote a poignant entry on the touching memories of said song. It was Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley from his first (and last real) album Grace. It lived in my 'Deletables' playlist for weeks, getting airplay on my iPod several times. Finally, I decided it rated five stars. That's a solid buy recommendation, and the next time I went to Fry's (to buy The Office, Season One), I decided "what the heck?"

To my surprise, they actually had that very album. I bought it on the spot. If the song hadn't been on the Internet, I'd probably never have heard of Jeff Buckley, his sadly short career, or this album. I'm almost sorry I gave my money to these guys, as they'll just use it trying to sue music lovers like my benefactor off the net. Bleh.

And it even has a cover of one of my favorite Leonard Cohen songs, Hallelujah!

Posted by dpwakefield at June 25, 2004 10:42 PM