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June 19, 2005

Four-legged Present

Monday is Kelly's birthday. She'll be ten years old. So what to get her? In addition to the usual pile of wrapped gifts, we decided to get her something wrapped in fur.

So Saturday we piled into the car and drove to C.A.T., or 'the Cat Adoption Team'. It's normally a short drive, under ten minutes. But of course this day, there was an accident blocking our route, and we ended up taking a detour that ran us over ninety minutes. Finally we arrived. The C.A.T. building filled with the aroma of cats. They house around 200 cats at any one time, and my allergies began kicking up almost immediately. We visited with three cats, and took our time getting a feeling for one that would fit in at home. In all, we were there around three hours. We took home a black, one-year old female cat named Taylor.

She's been isolated in the laundry room for twenty-four hours (with frequent visits from Kelly). Tonight we allowed her to roam the house, and Kelly just put her back in the laundry room. Tomorrow she'll get still more time out in the house. Eventually she'll get the run of the place. For now she's visiting on a trial basis. We're watching for two weeks to see if Kelly really takes care of her.

So I am once again a cat owner. Sneeze!

Posted by dpwakefield at June 19, 2005 09:08 PM