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June 12, 2005

Pinning Ceremony Snaps

Well, it took me a couple of days, but I finally put up the snapshots of Jean's Nursing School pinning cerremony. As you can see, there are in fact quite a few people there.

Like all commencement ceremonies, there were many speeches, and some folks felt they had more to say than others. Kelly was about as patient as you could expect. She asked me a few times how long we'd been there, and I finally just started showing her my watch. Since it's stuck on 'military' time, she had to do some subtraction in her head to get the 'real' time. She was peeved at that.

You'll see a picture of a woman at the podium who was reading the personal statements of each nurse as she was pinned. I'm very thankful that she encouraged us to come up and take photographs up close, or I would not have gotten the nicer pictures toward the end of this set.

Once the ceremony was over, we drove home. Jean ordered a pizza, which I picked up, and we settled in for a party. We went downstairs and ate pizza and German Forest cake, while playing Burnout Takedown, a crash and burn car racing game. Kelly is nuts for this game, especially the part where you actually try to score points for causing a mulitcar wreck in an intersection. At the end of the collisions, you get a flyby of the damage, complete with floating dollar-damage signs.

Around 7:30, things were winding down, and Jean, ever the sweetheart, asked me if I wanted to go catch the last of this NOVA meeting. Of course I took her up on it. I got to see Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex (my favorite anime) and work out more plans for my trip to Anime Expo this year. So all in all, Saturday was a busy day.

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