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August 03, 2005

Recently Finished Books

Pure Ketchup by Andrew F. Smith. Spurred by the Malcolm Gladwell essay on ketchup, I found this book at the library and gave it a whirl. It's not the sort of book I read in depth, but it was interesting nonetheless. I learned that ketchup was not always confined to tomatoes. There were ketchups for walnuts, mushrooms, fish, pretty much anything you wanted to preserve and use as a sauce. Tomatoes are just the ultimate survivor.

In the trashy science fiction category, I finished Rogue Berserker by Fred Saberhagen a couple weeks ago. This is another in his universe where machines hunt down all life, following their scrambled program from a war millions of years ago. Lightweight as all get out.

Posted by dpwakefield at August 3, 2005 09:31 PM