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February 05, 2006

I Grow Senile

Jean's parents visited this weekend.It was the usual round of catching up, with her dad showing me his new camera, me demonstrating to him how to do maintainance on his Mac, Jean's mom baking an apple pie with Renee, that sort of thing. Unfortunately, I think my stock has fallen with them.

Sundays I usually follow a fairly predictable routine, which includes household chores, taking Renee to Sunday school, and driving down to work to take my gym bag and the week's lunches down. I usually stay for an hour or two to set up work for the week. On weekends when Jean is working, I haul Renee along with me.

On this weekend, Jean had to work a nursing shift on Sunday, and the grandparents took Renee to Sunday school, as she was going to be singing in a church service afterwards. They left for church, and Jean and I sat around until she had to leave for her shift. I mentioned that I was going to take my stuff down to work, without really elaborating. It's all routine, after all.

Jean went to work, I did some of my chores, then I drove down to work. I had troubles setting up a build, so I fussed over it for awhile, then I headed back home. I had this vague feeling that something was wrong, but didn't know what. When I got home, there was a message on our answering machine. Jean's parents had tried to get into the house, but no one was there!

Well, I feel stupid now, and of course I feel awful for letting them stand out there. They took off to do some shopping, and I was able to reach Jean's dad on his cellphone after several tries, so we hooked up, but it was a really stupid lapse.

I've been through a nasty cold recently, this last week has been stressful and low on sleep. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I must have assumed that Jean was going to give them her housekeys, since she was going to work, but I can't offer that as an excuse. So in addition to the apologies I offered them, this is my public mea culpa.

Posted by dpwakefield at February 5, 2006 09:32 PM