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March 12, 2006


We had a little family outing tonight. It wasn't planned, in fact it kind of popped up without warning. Jean wanted to reward Renee for various reasons, and Renee picked going out to a restaurant, especially one with noodles. I knew she meant soba noodles, so I did a little Googling for Japanese restaurants in Tualatin. We ended up going to Fuji's in Sherwood.

Turns out that Fuji's is one of those Japanese grill restaurants where they prepare your dish on a grill at your table. Renee got her yakisoba, in fact we all got yakisoba, and grilled veggies. Jean got gyoza, Renee got chicken teriyaki, and I got grilled calamari steak. It was good. I took a chance, considering that I'd never been to this restaurant before, and squid is too often overcooked, to the point of becoming rubbery. Here it was smooth, buttery and rich.

I talked to the sushi chef, asking him about the toro, which was on special for $6.95. I don't think I'll be blowing a big chunk of change on sushi at Fuji's. That seven bucks get's you two pieces of fatty tuna on rice planks. Even at Mugi's, which is a really good hole-in-the-wall sushi joint, I can get more for my money.

Anyway, it was a fun outing. The chef, who was a young guy, definitely not Japanese, did a trick where he stacked ring slices off an onion into a cone, filled it with oil, and lit it to make a 'volcano'. Renee was tickled, and claimed it was 'scary'. Too much fun!

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