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March 05, 2006


Saturday was a NOVA night, and though Jean's parents were visiting, I just needed some time with my friends. I watched two episodes of Yakitate, excellent as usual, then hung out with Tom, Alan, Bo, Lisa, Chris and Valeska, ping-ponging around the conversations.

Over at the other end of the room, I saw a familiar face. Sam (Samantha) used to attend NOVA meetings several years ago, then disappeared. I was never really in her clique, but I did know her by name, enough to say hi, ask a question now and then, and generally be civil. But never did I know her well enough that my loud obnoxious side came out.

So here she was. I nodded to her, and returned my attention to the show. Later Paul had 'newbies' introduce themselves, and I pointed to her, saying don't forget the oldies. Turns out she's been in England for the last three years, and she was totally macking on the British Accent, London Standard. I gotta know if she's cranking it up on purpose, or if living in England for three years really did saturate her language centers.

In any case, she was there for half the meeting, and even came over and talked with a couple of people nearby. But I didn't once actually talk to her. In retrospect, I feel sort of bad. This is totally natural for me, to hang back when there are people I don't really know. But she comes back after three years, and drops by NOVA, of all places, to get in touch with her past, and there are very few faces from that past. I'm one, and I can't really bring myself to strike up a pleasant conversation.

In all likelihood, I'm overestimating how isolated she may have felt, and I doubt she was hankering to have a conversation with me. I just wish I'd been more civil, since after all, she wasn't a total stranger.

On the brighter side, Alan brought his D200, and while he and I were gabbing about it, cruising photo equipment websites and generally comparing features against the D70 (which I own), I mentioned that I'd read a post on a photography mailing list I subscribe to. In it, the poster responded to the question of why anyone would want to use the multiple exposure feature on the D2X. This poster explained that when one is in the field, say at a trade show, one can set up a tripod, and take multiple exposures of a static subject by moving a single flash around the subject, and generally successfully mimic a set of studio lights.

Well Alan just about hopped out of his seat. The D200 has this feature too, and he immediately started experimenting with it. He and I had both asked the same question, "why would anyone want the multiple exposure feature?" So we were both tickled pink with the explanation, and I especially was admiring the mind which said instead, "how can I use this new feature?"

I'm not particularly good with my camera, and I'm rather lazy about it, but times like this really excite me about the technology and the hobby. That was a very fun part of the evening.

Posted by dpwakefield at March 5, 2006 08:42 PM


Odds are, the saturation caused her to start talking that way, with an uber cool accent of course. There was a guy at work who moved to New Zealand with his wife a few years back. They were back visiting a couple months ago, and he acquired a distinct Aussie/Kiwi accent. It's entirely feasible that she'd come back with a Brit accent.

Posted by: Kylanath at March 8, 2006 10:53 PM