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January 16, 2007


Jean has traditionally been the member of this family engaged in an uneasy truce with technology. She has frequent troubles with our computers, watches seem to break for her pretty consistently, you get the idea. But now it seems to be my turn.

I decided this weekend that I wanted to move from my 'bulky', nearly three year-old third generation, 15GB iPod to a smaller iPod Nano, so I picked one up (now christened Lum) and gifted the 'fatty' on Renee. She spent the weekend, MLK Day, and this morning, listening to The Pillows and Maaya Sakamoto. But today, her 'new' iPod was unresponsive, just four days after I gave it to her, after using it for nearly three years myself. After many attempts to revive it, I have concluded that it is a brick. Guess who has asked for an iPod Nano for her birthday?

Item Two: We bought Renee a rhythm game for Christmas, Taiko Drum Master. It's for the Playstation 2, but my PS2 doesn't read it. That's only the second time in my PS2's long history that a disk was unreadable.

Item Three: Stupid electric blanket! I've been using it as a regular blanket for donkey's ages. But now, the evening I decide I want a warmer nest, I plug in the heater control, and it flashes 'FF' at me. Borked, plain and simple.

Is this to be my lot from now on? I'm the tech geek in the family, so everybody better hope not!

Posted by dpwakefield at January 16, 2007 09:18 PM