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July 07, 2007

Vegan 'Scramble'

I tried this recipe for a vegan Spanish Scramble this evening. I don't really think there's any point calling it that, as there is no mistaking it for eggs, and no need to either. It was very tasty, and had a nice, interesting texture.

I don't think I processed the nuts to the coarseness specified in the video. My mix was pretty fine. Still, with tomatoes, scallions and spinach bought from the farmer's market this morning, it filled and nourished me just great.

Don't be afraid to try vegan dishes. If you eat a salad now and then, you're eating a 'vegan' recipe.

P.S. - no, I'm not vegan, and not turning vegan. I eat fish practically every day, and have been known to eat beef if it's on a buffet at work. I just like my fresh veggies!

Posted by dpwakefield at July 7, 2007 09:49 PM