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July 09, 2009

Two 'New' Albums

And I'm out of credits. Next cycle sees my reduced allotment, effectively limiting me to three albums, instead of four. Already feeling the pinch...

So what did I get this time?

Horses arrived with the Sony catalog, but I'll forgive them, as I've always enjoyed Patti Smith. One of my favorite albums is Radio Ethiopia, which I first owned on vinyl, and bought during a long break in my shift at WHDF, my first round in college, at Michigan Tech. RE was actually her second album, Horses being first. So now I finally own it.

The other album is found in slot 177 of the Top 200 Jazz CDs list. I was just looking to grab some jazz from eMusic by an artist that I have yet to hear. This fit that bill. It's not up there with The Sidewinder or Kind of Blue, but it's nice background music.

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