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August 01, 2009

Black Books

I am certain I've raved here about The IT Crowd, Graham Linehan's paean to modern tech geeks. If you haven't seen it, give it a try. Some of the humor might be lost on you if you are not into computers, but mostly, it is the humor of the misfit, and should translate just fine.

Anyway, before this series, Graham Linehan wrote and directed another series, Black Books, and Jean and I watched it before she took her trip to Michigan last week. I only just now get to writing about it as I was myself wrapped up in life.

Black Books is about a misanthropic bookstore owner and his 'friend' Fran, who runs a new-age-y junk and trinket shop ("I do sell a lot of wank, don't I?") next door. Partway through the first episode I wasn't sure it was going to take off, but by the middle of that episode, I was laughing out loud. Find it, try it. It's quite fun.

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